We are pleased to welcome you to the wholesale department of the "Emporium Gruppe". Since its foundation in 1972, the "Emporium Hamburg" has become a globally operative and leading international wholesale company dealing in coins. We are leading specialists in the purchase of coins and medals from all over the world. Today we employ around 80 staff who are able to meet almost every special customer requirement. Our product range covers the following subjects:

  • Antiquity to the Middle Ages
  • Thaler
  • Imperial Germany
  • Weimar Republic
  • The Third Reich
  • GDR and FRG
  • odern currencies from all over the world; for example, the USA, Australia or Canada

In the context of "exclusive distributions", we would like to offer you a brief look at our current range of coins. To find out more…

Exclusive distributions

The Emporium group has made agreements with a number of mints in recent years. We market their coins and medals exclusively in Germany. We would like to show you this small selection of coins from our "exclusive distributions".

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The Stoertebeker house

Where modernity and tradition coexist! In this “Hanseatic office block” tradition has been discreetly blended with the demands of the modern age. Visit us right in the heart of Hamburg.


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Ihre Ansprechpartner

Achim Becker


Phone Number:
+4940/257 99-0


Frank von Harten


Phone Number:
+4940/257 99-307


Philipp Becker

Authorized Officer

Phone Number:
+4940/257 99-112


Uwe Fraust

Authorized Officer / Head Bullion Trading

Phone Number:
+4940/257 99-106



Date Name Location

08. - 11. January 2015

Fun Show Orlando

Orange County Convention Center

30. January - 01. February 2015

World Money Fair Berlin

Estrel Convention Center

07. - 08. March 2015

Numismata München



Hanseativ Money Fair


17. - 18. April 2015

Numismata Wien

Congress Center der Messe Wien

23. - 24. April 2015

Emporium Hamburg 73. Auction

Störtebeker Haus, Hamburg

01. May 2015

Münzmesse Hannover

Niedersachsenhalle (Congress Center)

11. - 15. August 2015



03. - 05. September 2015

Seberatel Prag

Messegelände PVA Letlnany Prag

10. - 11. October 2015

Numismata Berlin

Messe Berlin, Halle 9


Monety Expo Warschau


12. - 13. November 2015

Emporium Hamburg 74. Auction

Störtebeker Haus, Hamburg

21. - 22. November 2015

Numismata Frankfurt

Forum der Messe Frankfurt/Main


Edelmetallmesse München

Event Arena, Olympia Park München

29. November 2015

Münzmesse Hannover

Niedersachsenhalle (Congress Center)