FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do I sell my item or collection?

If you plan to sell any coins or medals, please contact us for a free appraisal. Please do not ship your collectibles without first talking to one of our numismatic experts.
We offer fully confidential and comprehensive selling service that gives you the option of consigning your material to auction or selling it immediately to us for a fixed price. The needs of every client may differ, but we will tailor our services to your requirements. This includes dealing with valuable single items to handling large collections. Our service is designed to make the sale of your items smooth and successful.

I want to consign to an auction? Do I have to meet any deadlines?

Yes. The deadline for consignments is usually three months prior to the scheduled auction date.

What is the selling commission?

The selling commission is the amount payable by the seller and is calculated as a percentage of the hammer price. The selling commission and any other charges are deducted from the sale proceeds before the net proceeds are forwarded to the seller.

When will I get my payment?

Payment is generally made within 45 days of the date of the sale.

How do I bid on a lot?

Attend in Person
The most exciting way to participate as a bidder is to attend in person. We encourage everyone to come to Hamburg and experience the fun of a floor auction. Decide on the spot how much you want to bid on a lot and take your new treasures home afterwards.  Join us if you can!

Mail Bidding
If you cannot attend the sale, you may use our mail bid sheet in the auction catalog or the download file on our website. Fill out the bid sheet completely and send it to our auction department by mail, fax or e-mail. You may also use our online bidding form on our website to submit your bids. Mail early, because preference is given to the first bid received in the case of a tie.

Telephone Bidding
To bid live by phone, you must make preliminary arrangements with the auction department at least 48 hours prior to the auction. Telephone bidding will only be accepted on a lot with an estimate higher than Euro 500. However, we will not be responsible for errors or the failure to notify you in a timely manner during the auction. We strongly recommend that you to place preliminary bids by mail or internet, even if you intend to participate by phone. On many occasions, this dual approach has helped avoid disappointments due to telephone problems, unexpected travel or time zone differences. Your information assists us in the bidding process by giving us a fixed range to stay active in the bidding. We will not notify the auctioneer of your limit and will buy your lot at the lowest price possible.

Emporium Hamburg will do everything possible to make your bidding and buying experiences pleasurable and successful. However, waiting until the last minute may result in us being unable to accommodate your phone-bidding request.

What do I have to keep in mind when placing a bid?

Please refer to our  ‘Terms and Conditions of Auction’ for more information.

List of prices realized and direct sale

The prices realized are posted on our website in pdf format a few days after the auction. If you are on our mailing list to receive catalogs, you will receive a printed version within two weeks after the auction. All lots that did not sell during the auction are then up for direct sale at 90 percent of the catalog price plus 5 per cent buyer’s premium, V.A.T. and shipping costs.

What do I have to pay in total?

When the hammer falls, the highest bid offered becomes the hammer price. This price is a net price.
The buyer’s premium of 15 percent is then added to the successful bid price of each lot. The calculated total price is subject to applicable sales tax, and is payable together with the shipping charges.

Successful bidders will be notified and invoiced within a few days of the sale.